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Document Archiving




Excited about the announced new features in version 12, I gave it a try. Key features I thought that would help me are the multiple window interface and the option to easily copy and move pages among windows. But it seems only half-way where it needs to be in order to support the kind of workflow I need and found in other products I used before using Nitro Pro.

Here is one of my main use cases for Nitro Pro: I am archiving large amounts of paper documents into electronic format. To do this, I scan batches of them using a scanner with document feeder - assuming no paper jams, something that can be done largely unattended. That way, I end up with one large PDF that contains many of my source documents. Those, I'd like to split up again into the original documents before saving them. I thought the multiple window interface might help me here but some limitations prevent that:

  • I cannot create a new document by dragging pages into a second window.
  • The second window needs at least one open document that has at least one, possibly empty, page. So creating new documents and then dragging pages into it still requires me to delete the initial empty page.
  • Documents cannot be moved from one window to the other if they have unsaved changes.

So far, I have been using the extract function, and that has been a bit cumbersome with lots of clicking: select, extract, "delete after extraction", extract, new document's tab, show thumbnails. Do this hundreds of times, and you will know what I mean. I haven't found anything in the new features that would make it easier. Great would be:

  • As in a competitor's product, a sort view, where you could all at once sort all pages into multiple new documents.
  • Two-window interface where you could create a new document by right-dragging a set of pages into the second window and the option to turn them into a new document/tab.
  • Another context menu (move to new document) item that skips the dialog: select a set of pages -> right-click -> move to new document. That is similar to the existing extract option without the delete and, after pre-selecting the pages redundant, select options and saving lots of clicks. This might be very easy to add.

Now, there is of course a chance that I have not yet discovered all possible ways of working with Nitro. And I'm probably not the only one who would find archiving batches of documents really useful. Is there a way, using Nitro Pro's existing features, to do this easily? Or is one of the above suggestions something you could consider for implementation?


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