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Printing on Nitro 12 - resulting file rotated 90 degree


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As in title, having an annoying problem with the new Nitro 12.

Previously, on Nitro 11, I could not set the default paper size that is used for Print to Pdf feature.  This is now fixed on the Nitro 12.

But another problem seems to have crept up.  Basically, I tried to print on a custom size of 215x165mm paper.  Normally on Nitro 11, all is well (correct pdf paper size and orientation), except for needing to choose the paper size every single time I need to print.  Now on Nitro 12, no matter what I do, it won't produce a correctly oriented Pdf file.  It always is rotated 90 degree, making all the texts go sideways.  I always need to rotate it 90 degree right after using print to pdf.

The orientation of the content in the paper itself is correct,  But the whole paper is just 90 degree left.

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