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Nitro pro 11 problems after Microsoft update


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Anybody that can help. I did a MS update for Win 10 version 1803 and a security update for adobe flash player. After that all my printers where gone and Nitro Pro 11 did not work. I tried all possible things I can think off of but in the printer list I can see Nitro but is says it is not connected and I have no idea how to connect it. I deleted nitro complete and reinstalled but it is the same. When I try to print a word or any other program it tells me that it can't print because of a printer setup problem.

I even tried to reset my computer and it does not allow me to reset to an earlier date. I'm on the end of my knowledge.

Anybody has an idea how to fix it. 

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Hi @Georg,

Thanks for using the Community Forum to reach out to us.

What version of Nitro Pro are you working with? You'll find the exact build under Help >> About Nitro Pro. What version of MS Office do you have? Can you open Nitro Pro or is the program not accessible at all? 

Please try reinstalling the Nitro PDF Creator which you will find a step by step guide here: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/pdf printer/000001584


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