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Dots instead of text in Adobe Reader


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Our users are adding text boxes to an existing PDF (in this case, a building's mechanical layout). While in Nitro PDF the textboxes display properly. Do also display properly in Chrome. However, if I use the latest version of Acrobat Reader (or any previous version I have access to), I get dots instead of text. Clicking on the dots actually reveals the text. 

Here's a screenshot of the issue (notice the "R2", was 2 dots before I clicked it)


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How do we obtain support from Nitro? We purchased a number of licenses and there seems to be no support?

When I try to submit a ticket it requires VIP access which I apparently do not have.

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I though there would be some support considering we purchased 11 licenses last year with the intent to expand this to the rest of the team.

If I can't solve PDF rendering issues I'll just recommend my company moves away from Nitro.

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Mario Kevesic

@Gerry I believe your AE will be reaching out to you regarding your support options. When it comes to seeing dots instead of text, the problem is with the font embedding in the existing file. Simply changing the font used to 'ArialMT' (even if it says it is already) should fix this.

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Hello, I have the same problem. Can you  tell me a way to go back and fix the existent data without having to click on all the entries I have already typed?

Currently I am working on reselecting the font to be able to see the changed document in Adobe.

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