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-23 Error: again, again and again

Ruud van der Veer

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Ruud van der Veer

Hello guys,

Why do I have over and over the same -23 error? I'm getting tired of it.

ACTUAL THIS AFTERNOON: License: 2346xx-1xx09x-xxxx87. Portal says: 0 activations, allowed 2.

On machine 1 named LENO I can not activate this license. One machine 2 named ASUS I do not have to activate this license, it activated itself. But on ASUS the license fields are not filled in, so blanco. I can send you screenshots from the problems. 

History: I had to reinstall Windows 10 Home on both the machines; before I deactivated the license where I could do that (look also at this unsolved posting: 

I can send you screenshots of the actual problem today.

Greetings with a sigh but not angry,


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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @ruchri,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

I have made a change to the configuration of your serial number in the system so you can activate it by going to Help in Nitro > About > Activation > enter your serial number > Activate.

When Nitro is installed on a machine, (regardless of the activation state) a unique identifier called 'Computer ID' is created, which would generally look like '41959537118535055000'.

We have a rare problem where occasionally Nitro can not create an ID on a computer and instead assigns it to be '00000000000000000000'. This has been related to the deactivation of NetBIOS and network interface adapters, although the cause is currently unknown.

This ID causes a conflict on our activation server and will recover an error. If you have a computer that has this error, you can check Nitro to see if it is the same computer ID through Help > About Nitro Pro> Activate> Advanced and let us know so we can make an adjustment.


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Ruud van der Veer

Hello AllainU,

Thank you very much for your detailed answer; I appreciate that!

Both machines could be activated, but the License portal still counts 1 activation of 2 instead of 2/2.

Yes, my main machine 'LENO' has the com-id 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000! Install-id is 00000000000000000000841771412326

The second machine 'ASUS' 2274-3223-xxxx-xxxx-2795 with install-id 2274-3223-xxxx-xxxx-2795329553763672.



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