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Covert to Excel & Word


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I have just installed Nitro Pro 12 and I can't convert to Excel or Word - when the conversion has completed it seems all my text is transfering as "Pictures" 

What am I doing wrong???


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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @Toni,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

I need several information including a sample file. I'll create a ticket on your behalf so I can better assist you.

You will hear from me again soon.


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I recently installed nitro pro 12 and when I attempt to convert to a word format it converts to gibberish.  I also tried to make the test editable/searchable however I cannot use the search function as when I insert a search term it comes up with 0 instances found when indeed there are numerous instances of the word in the document.  Did not have this problem with Nitro Pro 9.  Hopefully there is a fix for this in ver. 12

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I also have the same problem with conversions to MS Word and Excel.

I have tried manually making the document editable/searchable but still get a warning "The selected PDF file contains scanned pages that will appear as bitmap images in the converted PDF file". The PDF docs I have tried to convert were not scanned images but downloaded

The text comes out like a negative, with the text in white on a black background

While the conversions in version 10 were a bit unstable, the current version is unusable


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