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Annotation properties Set as Default does not work


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Whenever I add a comment or stamp or other annotation to a pdf file, Nitro Pro will assign properties to that comment that will show the Author. It defaults to an incorrect email address. I can go into the annotation properties that show up when I click on the annotation and change the Author. The help file says I can click on "Set as Default" to permanently change this to the new Author. However, I have don this like 30 times over the past few days and IT NEVER WORKS. How can I change the default Author for Annotations. There seems to be no way to do so.

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I have the same issue... it is very frustrating.  I bought the program fifteen minutes ago and now I have to fight for a refund.  I sent a ticket to customer service, and they will not respond because I did not spend an additional $50 for VIP support. Now I have to take it to my credit card company for a refund. Total bush league company support here. 

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Aliffer Manenti

Hello @Cope and @orka

Thank you for posting in our Community Forums.

The Default Settings are just for the appearance tab. To change the author name and e-mail for every annotation go to File > Preferences > Identity. There you will be able to change the author name, title, organization name, organization unit and e-mail which will then be applied to all annotations.

Hope this helps you.



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