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Request Signature Function; The email is flagged as "other" for recipient in Outlook


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Hi There,

I just upgraded to Nitro Pro 12 and I have a question regarding the "Request Signature" function that is used for sending out electronic signature requests. I did a test run using my work email and noticed that when the "Request Signature" email is sent out to the recipient it is flagged as "Other" in Microsoft Outlook. Emails marked as "Other" in Outlook sometimes are spam emails, sometimes they are simply automated marketing emails, and other emails that would be considered not as important. Now, I am not a big fan of this new "Other" feature in Microsoft Outlook and I know that it can be disabled but unless my clients have gone in and manually turned it off they more than likely will just leave this feature as is (As I have done).

My question is:

1. Is there any way that these  "Request Signature" emails can be sent out from Nitro PDF 12 so that they are arriving in the primary "Focused" inbox?

My concern is that my clients will miss it initially and I will be constantly having to follow up. Furthermore, I know that when I send the same request via Docusign or from my client management system the emails are not going to the "Other" folder. 

Any input would be appreciated.


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