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Converting from Word Distortion on Graphics

Shauna Watt

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Shauna Watt


I have just upgraded to Nitro Pro 12 and am having problems when converting from Word. I regularly use the right click option on multiple Word files (from file explorer) to convert and combine files, today having upgraded my images have been distorted and text on graphs is unreadable. I have tried changing the image optimisation features in Word and un and re-installing the Word Add-In through the support tools to no avail.

I would attach a converted file but not sure how to do that.

Also what's the deal with support, I purchased VIP access so I could raise support tickets but now it does not recognise my serial number and won't let me raise a ticket!

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  • Official Nitronaut
Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @Shauna Watt,

I have found your support ticket and will be assisting you from there. 

I hope we can also solve the resolution issues soon. 


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