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New purchasing and activation system


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I am unhappy with the current sales/activation process.

Using Cleverbridge is cumbersome. Not only did I not receive an email confirmation, but the on screen invoice and the PDF invoice don't contain the same information.  The onscreen confirmation had my License number but this number was not on the pdf invoice nor was it emailed to me.  So if I had closed the web confirmation after the purchase activating Nitro 12 would have been difficult indeed.

Also, there isn't a customer login now from the main Nitro page?  So even though I bought a product from Nitro I have to deal with Cleverbridge and a third company, Nalperion, for activation. This may prevent me from upgrading in the future. The activation company has a link to check my activations but only has a login no way to set up an account so how can I even check my activations? Probably intended for Nitro not the customer so it shouldn't even be displayed. 

And I can't even contact anyone at Nitro, I have to go through forums!! I know companies want to save money, but zero personal contact is not a good policy if you plan to retain customers. 

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