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Nitro Pro 10 won't reactivate


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I had to replace my laptop, and therefore needed to reinstall NitroPro 10 on the new device.  I copied the serial number (NP10Dxxxxxyyyyyzzzz) from the program on the old laptop, then deactivated Nitro Pro, uninstalled it, and then disposed of the laptop.  I installed Nitro Pro 10 on my new laptop, but when i try to activate it using the alphanumeric SN i copied from the old laptop, its telling me that it can only be a numeric SN on the new laptop.  Is there a conversion for the alphanumeric to just numeric?  If not, how do i get my copy of Nitro Pro 10 activated on my new laptop?

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@AllainU I'm having a similar problem. I recently had reset my laptop and would like to get back my Nitro Pro 10 I purchased. I have the serial number for the product I purchased but it is not letting me input it in the trial version of Nitro Pro. I am not really interested in purchasing Pro 12 for $220 at this time and would simply like to get access back to my old Nitro 10 program. Please help!



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I uninstalled Nitro Pro 10 on my laptop because it wasn't working properly but when I tried to reinstall it on my laptop Nitro Pro 10 is no longer available to download and my SN is not compatible with Nitro Pro 11.

Is there somewhere I can still download Nitro Pro 10?

Thank you,

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Allain Umailin

Hello @mjmurray,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

I believe you have received the error message '-22 Error Wrong License Number'. It means the serial number you are trying to activate is for a different version of Nitro Pro.

To fix this issue, kindly uninstall Nitro Pro 11, reboot your machine and then download the last build for Nitro Pro 10 by referring to this article:


Thanks for choosing Nitro Pro and I hope this helps!

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