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Printing pages side by side in Nitro PDF v12


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I am using Nitro PDF v12, and when printing to paper, I want to print 2 pages per sheet but the only way it will do this is by printing 2 documents in portrait orientation, one on top of the other, rather than side by side. The only way to get it do it right is to 'temporarily rotate view' via page layout.  

However, this is not temporary.  If I want to re orient the documents after printing in order to be able to read them on the screen, I have to go back and rotate them again.  I don't see why I can't just orient them for printing only without this extra step, which I never had to do in v10. I have tried using 'page order'  clicking vertical or horizontal in the multiple pages dialog box but that did nothing, both just printed 2 landscape pages per sheet. How can I print 2 pages per sheet with each page in landscape mode in the print dialog box?  

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Steven Zakulec

I've looked into this, and Nitro 10 & 11 both do rotate pages when you want multiple pages on a single page unlike Nitro 12.

I'm not aware of how you can get back the Nitro 10 behavior at the moment.

I've filed a ticket on this because at the very least it's a change in behavior from how it was before.

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