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Upgrade pricing for nitropdf v 11 users

Dr Alok D Modi

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Dr Alok D Modi

Dear Sir,


I am an old customer of a nitro pro since version 6. You can check up my invoices, or if requested, I mail them to you.

Currently, I own two licenses of nitro pdf v 11.

You have released v 12 and have not uplisted any upgrade pricing for v 12 for pre-existing customers.


Could you please help me here with the pricing since I intend to buy two licenses of v 12?


if I am not mistaken I think I am also eligible for a free upgrade to v 12.

Can somebody help me with this, please ?




Dr. Alok Modi MD FACP(USA)

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Dr Alok D Modi,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Kindly access our Upgrade Portal https://www.gonitro.com/support/upgrade and enter your Nitro Pro 11 serial number. You should get a message saying 'You’re eligible for a discounted upgrade to Nitro Pro 12' then click Proceed to Checkout.

After that, you should see the amount of INR 5,977.11 for our 'Nitro Productivity Suite - Upgrade'.

Do not forget to purchase our 'Nitro VIP Access' only for INR 3,735.42.

For above selection, the total amount would be INR 9,712.53. Do the same process for your second Nitro Pro 11.

With regards to your Software Assurance (now known as Nitro VIP Access), it was a 30-day trial and it already expired last 12/2/2011.

Thanks for choosing Nitro Pro and I hope this helps!

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Dr Alok D Modi

Dr Alok Modi MD Thanks AllainU. Appreciate your help.

I get a different pricing when I click on the link you have suggested. See the screenshot below :


Nitro Productivity Suite - Upgrade

The Nitro Pro you know and love, plus unlimited eSignatures and online PDF productivity with Nitro Cloud, now available in one solution.

INR 7,024.80

Choose your language:







We Also Recommend:

Nitro VIP Access™

Get more from your Nitro investment with this lower-priced bundle of premium support and unlimited product updates for Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud.

INR 4,390.18


INR 0.00


Premium Support

Enjoy premium support from our industry-leading customer support specialists, including guaranteed first response via email within 24 hours of submitting a ticket.

INR 2,633.75


INR 0.00


Product Updates

Ensure you always have access to Nitro's latest features, fixes, and enhancements as soon as they're available.

INR 2,633.75


INR 0.00


Total:INR 7,024.80

Includes INR 1,071.58 GST (18% on INR 5,953.22).


Query #2 :

If I were to select VIP access  will I get lifelong free updates like V 12 --> V 13, V 13 --> V 14 and so on ?

Query #3

If I were to select Product updates ( the last option)  will I get lifelong free updates like V 12 --> V 13, V 13 --> V 14 and so on ?


Thanks again.

Dr Alok Modi

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