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Document is not getting validated in Nitro PDF


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We have a application called as MSBdocs where we validate the documents using CA certificate.

Currently, I am validating a document using Nitro PDF tool but while validating the document it is showing me an error :

Signature is Invalid.

However, while validating the same document in Adobe Acrobat it is validating the document in the correct manner.

Please click on the link to see the screenshot for reference:https://cloud.gonitro.com/doc/1795016979/v/1795016980

 Please advice me how to fix it.

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Steven Zakulec

I'm not totally sure what's going on, but I have some guesses.

Are these self-signed certificates, or ones issued by a 3rd party CA?

If it's a self-signed one, have you trusted the cert on the machine(s) in question?

Apologies if you've done this or it's not relevant here.

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Hi Steven, thanks for your valuable feedback.

These certificates are issued by third-party CA. In our case, the certificate we use to validate is OCSP. As a matter of fact, I have also trusted the certificate on my machine.

Every time I validate the signatures it throws the same error.

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