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Suppress "default PDF viewer" check on startup for all users

Chad Kelley

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Chad Kelley

We just upgraded from Nitro Pro v11 to v12 in our Citrix environment.  I need to know how to suppress the "Make Nitro Pro your default PDF viewer" message when a new user launches it for the first time.  We restrict access to the application, so we don't want someone to inadvertently click "yes" to this prompt.  I've already modified the registry to remove options for Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. as save locations, but I don't see what to change for suppressing this prompt for all users.  Thanks!

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Steven Zakulec

Usually you would use the Deployment tool to turn off this option, and generate a transform.  The registry key is a per-user one (but you could probably set it as a per-machine one): kPrefGeneralMsgIfNotDefaultPDFViewer

You can find this: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NITRO\PRO\12\Settings\Preferences\kPreferences

Set this to /b 0 to turn this message off.

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