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Saving as flattened pdf removes the checkmarks in my forms.


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Saving as flattened pdf removes the checkmarks in my forms.
I recently bought a new computer and instead of moving Nitro Pro (7 or 8) to the new computer, I bought Nitro Pro 12.  This was a mistake.  It's much more difficult to navigate, especially for what I need it for and I need a good pdf program that I can rely on.  I HATE this Pro 12 version because the useable tools are hidden (i.e. word or phrase search) but the biggest issue I am having is that all of the forms I created on my earlier version of Nitro have checkboxes and I have these forms pre-filled, including the checkboxes.  I can open a pre-filled pdf form and the checkmarks will all show up.  I make a few changes to the forms, and then need to save as a flattened pdf so that I can send the pdf as a completed report to someone else (not to be modified).  The minute I save the pdf as a flattened pdf, the checkmarks all disappear, leaving my once completed form entirely blank, looking as if I didn't fill it out.
Any ideas why?
Can I roll back to a version that works better than this cumbersome one?

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Steven Zakulec

There is unfortunately a bug in Nitro that's causing this- the way to work around it is to print to the Nitro PDF printer (File, Print, select Nitro PDF Creator (Pro 12) ).  This will give you a flattened PDF that retains the checkmarks.

For the searching thing, you can press CRTL-F to bring up the searchbar, or click the page with the magnifying glass on the left to open the search pane.

If you wanted to roll back, and you didn't buy an upgrade to Nitro 12, but a new copy, you should be able to do so easily enough as long as you have your serial number for Nitro 8.

Here's the download links: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/answers/Nitro Pro/000001632

If your serial number doesn't work, or you can't activate Nitro 8 for whatever reason, you'll need to get in touch with support.


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