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Keep people from editing a fillable form


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I've created a fillable form. It has some graphic elements on the page, text and of course the form fields. When i save it and then open it in say Adobe Acrobat I can select the non form elements. Move them around, change things with them. How can i people from doing that and only be able to enter text in to the form fields?



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Steven Zakulec

You'll want to investigate the Password security options to lock down your document:

Password security- to keep the permissions you set from being changed without the password: http://guide.gonitro.com/articles/password-security/

Document permissions- to restrict what people can do with the document: http://guide.gonitro.com/articles/permission-settings/

You probably want just Form field filling as the only thing people can do, but you should test afterwards to be sure that you haven't blocked something you need.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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