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Error 0x400D0040 when saving

Matt Watson

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Matt Watson

Suddenly this week my Nitro Pro 10 started throwing the above error when saving PDFs, and failing to save them.  If it was an attempt to save following an edit, then not only would the save fail, but the previously intact version of the file would be corrupted too.  The problem started off intermittent, then became consistent.  Everything else worked fine, except saving.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled Nitro 10 - same problem.  Uninstalled 10 and bought and installed 12.  Exactly the same problem again, except that this time as well as the error and file corruption, Nitro 12 crashes completely.

Anybody come across this before?  What could possibly be causing it?  I'm running Windows 7 Pro and Nitro has been completely fine in daily use for some years without any trouble.  Nothing else has changed - no new software or hardware, not even a Windows update.

Many thanks in advance for any help...


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