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Form Creation - Radio Buttons

Dan Song

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I am creating a form with radio buttons.

Is there a way to not show a check mark on a set a radio buttons until we want something to be checked?

Furthermore, is there a way to completely uncheck a set of radio buttons? It seems that once something is checked, you cannot undo this.

Please advise. Thank you guys!

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I've been learning the ropes with the program tonight, and I've found that changing the names of buttons set not to start checked seems to refresh and update them when the change is made.

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Steven Zakulec

You can use the Form Data reset button in the Forms tab- underneath Export, click the reset button to put all form fields back to their default state.

There's also a Reset form action you can assign to a button, so you can then have a button on your form that will reset all the fields back to their default state when you click on it.

I hope that helps!

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