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Not Getting Activation Email


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I have already purchased Nitro and have my license number HOWEVER when I go through the steps to set up the Nitro Cloud account I NEVER receive the verification email.  So I am stuck in limbo here.  I have tried to contact Nitro BUT because I don't have a verified account I can  not submit a ticket.  No one answers the messages I leave on their phone number.  I have even emailed their sales team and they told me to ask Cleverbridge who then sent me back to Nitro because Nitro is responsible for the email verification!  I have paid for a product I can not use or find out how to use.  Does ANYONE have any suggestions.  I set up a cloud using my personal email address but it doesn't match my license and I need it for my work.  I have been trying for days to get this issue solved.  ?

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When I try and set up the Nitro cloud account, it says my email address is already in use.  I tried the trial last year sometime and didn't buy it at the time.  I came back and purchased it last week.  I am sure that is why it is saying my email is in use but I need to use that same email address.  

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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @MariaSears,

My apologies for the inconvenience!

Please send me a direct message and verify the email address you are trying to use. I will then initiate a password reset.

Also, please make sure your copy is activated by following the steps found here: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/activate/000001639


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