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Nitro 11 Pro review features working

Erick Wolfe

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Installed Nitro Pro 11 and activated successfully.  However not all features, such as Highlight, Underline, Crossout are working.  They are available to click on but nothing happens when I try to select the to highlight or select text to underline etc.   I have uninstalled and reinstalled and reactivated and repaired the program and the issue still persists. 

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Steven Zakulec

Unless this happens to every document you open, my guess is that you've tried to use the review functions on either an image or a scanned PDF- Nitro can't really do much to images (which is what a scanned PDF usually is- 1 image per page).

If this is in fact the case (Nitro usually lets you know in a popup that a document is a scanned PDF and offers to convert to to text), then you have a couple of options:

Use OCR to transform the image into text- either as a layer on top of the document or as actual text you can edit.

Or- use the tools that don't require actual text to work on (Shapes, Drawing, Comment, Text Box, Call Out, Stamps).

Using the shapes, you can make reasonable approximations of the tools that only work on text- set the color, transparency, and size to your liking.  Obviously not the best idea, but if you really need to do highlighting, strike-through or underlining, you can.

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According to my user, when creating a new pdf the review functions do work.  So it appears to be a function of how the pdf was created.  The user states they printed from a website to pdf and the user is unable to use the review functions when doing this.   Not sure if that is categorized as a (scan) but when reviewing with the user we didn't see any indication or pop up pertaining to the document as a scanned pdf.  Not sure there is much I can provide for this user as it just appears to be a function of Nitro. 

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