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Inserting Pages Issue

Adam Santos

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When I attempt to insert a page after the "current" page in a multi-page document, Nitro is inserting the page after the first page of the document.  When I attempt to insert a page before a current page, Nitro inserts it in front of the first page of the document.  Every time.  This just started happening recently and I've tried everything I can think of.  I make sure I'm on the correct current page and that the current page is in the middle of the screen so that Nitro doesn't think the "current" page is the immediately preceding or subsequent page.  I've closed out Nitro and rebooted my computer.  Nothing seems to be working.  No matter where I attempt to insert the page after or before the "current" page in the document, it inserts the page at the beginning of the document.  Clearly, for whatever reason, Nitro thinks the "current" page in every scenario is the first page of the document.  

Has anyone experienced this issue or know of a fix? I think it may be a bug in the most recent update or something.  I've used Nitro for several years now and this has never happened before.

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