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Error message preventing combining of PDFs


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I am getting this error message when I attempt to load a PDF into the Combine Files function.

"(Name of my document) is restricted or has limited access to some features."

Any way to resolve?



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Steven Zakulec

Not without having access to a copy of the document without those restrictions.  If you can get the permission password (so that the restrictions could be turned off by you) or an unrestricted copy, you could then combine that document.

If you open that document, and go to File, Show All Properties, and Security, you can see what you are allowed to do with the current document.

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Thanks.  Yes, I finally figured that out.  By looking at the properties of the PDF I could see a box that says to the effect, Combining Restricted.  The PDF is a "return" from a court filing, so I won't be able to get permission to override the restriction.  The fix was to print the PDF, then scan it.  I could then combine as much as I wanted from the newly created PDFs from my scanning.  Only way to do it.

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I am having the same issue, but their are not checkboxes to uncheck,  I have other users that are able to combine the files without issue.  Any suggestions?  Nitro Pro  



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