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MS-word,PPT,Excel conversion charracters are blured

Dheeraj Rai

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Kelvin B. Villarin

HI @Dheeraj Rai,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums!

Making an adjustment on how the documents are being optimized during conversion should correct this issue.

Here are 2 ways to accomplish this.

Method 1: Using the Nitro PDF Add-in in MS Word/PPT/Excel

1. Open your file and select the Nitro Pro Add-in
2. Next select Advanced > Optimization > Change option to Print- ready and OK
3. Hit the Create PDF button and process the conversion

Method 2: Within Nitro Pro

1. Go to Home tab > PDF button > From File
2. Add files > choose the MS file > click the 'Settings' button
3. Under Make PDF files, choose 'Print ready' > OK > Create

I hope this helps. 


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