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Searching function in Nitro Pro


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When I create a PDF using Nitro myself, and then search for words inside Nitro, I can find them.

However, when I receive a PDF generated by another company (with Acrobat or other?) I sometimes cannot search for words or phrases. If I start searching and type "P" for "Projects" it of course finds many occurrences of the letter P (single character). But as soon as I type "r", so now I'm looking for "Pr", it finds no occurrences. Therefore I can't search a 50 page PDF and jump to the project or info I'm looking for.

Our Nitro is recognising each character as a single character, and we can't search for words (even though they're present in the file).

Is this an issue with "versions" these PDF's are generated in by companies not using our same version of Nitro? The outside PDF generators are ahead or behind our version of Nitro??

Anyway, can this be fixed? We get large PDF reports from our contractors that we need to be able to search.


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