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Bring back Rotate tool on protected PDF



Hi there,
After upgrading our version from 10 to 11 we have lost the ability to rotate a PDF if it is protected.  We simply want to be able to rotate on screen as before.  Our supplier manuals are all protected, however we used to be able to rotate the drawings on screen.  Now that the rotate option is disabled we have to print it which is a waste of time and resources. It worked perfectly in the previous version and in Adobe.  Please bring it back it has no security impact. I have raised support tickets regarding this and was told that it would be brought up with the developers but I never got any further response.  Thank you.



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Steven Zakulec

So, this is weird, but there is a rotate tool, you just can't access it normally, because the regular rotate tool is blocked by the PDF's security settings.

You'll need to add the "Temporarily rotate view" tool to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top, and/or assign it a shortcut key.

To do this:

Click the arrow above the tab names, and choose More Commands.

Where it says "Choose commands from:", click on the drop-down and select "Page Layout".

Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Temporarily rotate view".

Click "Add".

If you don't need a keyboard shortcut key for this, you're all done, and can click "OK".

If you do want to assign a keyboard shortcut (for this, or anything else), click on the "Customize" button.

Under "Categories", scroll down to "Page Layout" and click on that.

In the "Commands" list, scroll down to "Temporarily Rotate View" and click on it.

You can then set the shortcut combo you want.

I encourage you to submit another ticket asking for a change to the Rotate tool to break out the "Temporarily rotate view" option: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket


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Thanks so much for your reply,

Issue solved, I wish support could have given me this info as that really helps us out.  Yes I will submit another ticket.

Your a great source of knowledge!


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Thanks for this hint Steven. Seems totally pointless to move this away from the standard toolbar. Bring it back please.

Edited by Daniel

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