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Splitting/Extracting files does not decrease file size

Dan Elkins

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Maybe someone could explain the proper method of decreasing file size when extracting or splitting a document.

When you utilize the extract or split tools on a document, the physical size of the document does not decrease. Furthermore, should you optimize the document, the resulting file size is larger than pre-optimization. Since we routinely have to extract pages in order to fall below email attachment limits, this is a real issue for the overall effectiveness of the product.

I used a blueprint file in my attempt, original file size 49,335 KB

Split document in half using extract, resulting file size 49,437 KB

Extraction of half the pages, resulting file size 49,437 KB

Optimization of the document using default settings, resulting file size 50,350 KB

Product:            Nitro Pro ( x64
Logging:        Disabled
Printer:        ok

Operating System:        Windows 7 Professional 6.1 Service Pack 1 7601 
Architecture:        64-bit
System Memory:        15.8 GB
Current Locale:        English (United States)
Current Resolution:        1920x1080
Current DPI:        120
Current Colors:        32 bpp
MDAC Version:        2.32
.NET Framework:        v2.0.50727 (SP 2)
.NET Framework:        v3.0 (SP 2)
.NET Framework:        v3.5 (SP 1)
.NET Framework:        v4 (Client 4.6.01055)
.NET Framework:        v4 (Full 4.6.01055)
.NET Framework:        v4.0 (Client
Windows Installer:        5.0.7601.24195

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