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Steven Zakulec

Happy to try to help you, but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here- you have a PDF with multiple pages in it that you want to turn into one ridiculously long page? Or something else?

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Yes, one ridiculously long page.  I have well logs that get sent to me that I have to piece back together. They can be 3 pages pdf up to 25 page pdf.  Once I merge it together as ONE page, then I can add it into my other programs as a well log.

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Steven Zakulec

I'm copying & pasting my answer here for the benefit of everyone else- if this didn't work, let me know.

There's no really good way to do this, but one of the least-bad ways is make a custom page size that can hold the expected number of pages (width will be 8.5'', height will be 11*number of pages), and then re-print the PDF onto your custom paper size.  It's possible you could run into some print issues here, but it's the only way I know of to avoid having to cut and paste every page onto a much larger page.

To actually do this, here's the general steps:

Go to the Printers settings/Control Panel.  You want Printing Preferences.  Go to Pages.  Click on Custom Forms. You want to Add a new form. Give it a name.  Under units, you can set the size to be measure in inches, meters, or millimeters.  For something really long, you'd probably want meters, but that would make sizing the width a bit more challenging.

Let's assume you chose inches for this.

Enter the measurements, then hit OK.

If you have a huge number of Custom_Form entries that all look the same in the list, you'll want to remove them- I had trouble getting my custom form to stick unless I removed some of them.

Hit OK on that screen, and you should be back at the Printing Preferences screen.  Choose your new custom form from the Page list, and hit OK.

Now open up the file in Nitro, and go to File, Print, and choose your Nitro PDF printer.  You should see at the bottom right your page size for the print.

Click on Page Scaling, and set Scaling to None (you can experiment with this if you want), then click on Multiple Pages, and Custom Print.

You want 1 by total pages - if there are 26 pages, you want 1 by 26.  This should stack all the pages one on top of the other without any of them being side-to-side.

Then hit Print, give the file a name, and wait for the PDF to be created.

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