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Can't Bold fonts?


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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @Wheelbarrow74,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums!

Bold and Italic are not available options when editing in Nitro, unlike Word processors. For example, if I you are using Calibri and you want to make a section bold, you'll have to swap to the 'Calibri-Bold' font.

Click on the Edit tool, then select the text. The format tab will appear and here you can change the font type using the dropdown menu.

I hope this helps! 

calibri bold.jpg

Edited by Kelvin V.
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Dave Staffor



To be honest... I could've quite believe my eyes either, when I eventually discovered this. The suggestion above is unfortunately hardly helpful at all, as it just changes font of the whole text box. What if I need to just bold a sentence or a couple of words, inside of it? It seems not at all possible upon testing, with the above suggestion... I must verily say that such a function can be incredibly crucial at times!

Is there perhaps any kind of workaround or is this perhaps fixed in some new version? The one I'm working with is 10 I believe... I would love to purchase some new version that fixes this, I just really want and well, need this rather fundamental feature!


With love and kindness,


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