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Michael Normand

Font of the menu display is WAY too small!

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Michael Normand

I have Nitro Pro 10 version on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and I am unable to increase the font size of the menu. I'd say the current font size is even smaller than this: 0123456789

I've tried every settings in the software as well as on my computer and nothing worked so far. 

Anyone has ever encounter a problem like this one?

Please help, thanks!


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Steven Zakulec

You could try this:

Windows 10: 
1. Right click on the Nitro shortcut > Properties > Compatibility 
2. Enable the "Override high DPI scaling behavior." > Select "System (Enhanced)" from the drop down box > OK 


You should hopefully be able to read the text then.

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Michael Normand

Thank you Steven for your help, it does solve the initial issue but doing this has created another problem.

The menu now appears in the correct font size but now it is the file itself that is too small and even if you zoom in it will remain the same size.

Any idea of what could fix this one?

Many thanks for your help!


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