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separate graphics and graphic artifacts from OCRed Text



Scanned documents often have graphic artifacts in them, such as the edges of pages.  Users do not want those artifacts in the output document.  Often, the artifacts occur on virtually every page.  I have scanned, OCRed, and saved a 500 page book to Word, and then laboriously deleted all the graphic artifacts from the Word document over a period of hours.  I tried using Nitro 10 to select the graphics of a page in order to separate it from the OCRed text.  Apparently, Nitro provides no mechanism for this.  If it does, I could not find it, and could not find reference to a means of separating graphic artifacts from OCRed text in the user guide.  Given that the document probably has valuable graphics in it that the user wants to keep, Nitro should allow the user to tag the images to keep and set a flag for saving the document in word or pdf, automatically deleting deletes all non-tagged graphics (artifacts), and keeps the OCRed text with its formatting intact in the saved document.

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