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Steven Zakulec

There's nothing you can do about the OCR quality right now- but there's a couple of options for your highlighting issue, neither of them perfect.

Option 1 is to do OCR and pick the Make text searchable option- this allows you to do highlights and such without issue.  Your highlights will be on the OCR'd text, not the image text, so if the OCR was particularly bad and split up words in ways that don't line up with what's on top, your highlights could be off.

Option 2 is the do-it-yourself highlighting solution- use the shape tool to draw a rectangle around your text, set the fill color to an appropriate yellow (or another color), and figure out a transparency value that works for you, then mark those settings as the default for the shape tool.  This obviously takes a lot more effort on your part, but you can make sure everything is just right and it avoids having to OCR anything.

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