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Reid Kell

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Hi, all. At my office, we save many documents to two network shares, mapped as drives X: and Y:. Several people open PDFs in emails, then choose File, Save As. But when doing so, you can either save to a recent folder (rarely the proper option) or Browse, which requires too many clicks. Is there any way to add any location of my choosing to the primary Save As list, in addition to Nitro Cloud, Dropbox, etc? "Add Place" only gives me  Alfresco (??) and SharePoint. I want X: and Y: right there or, even better, X:\Clients and Y:\Archive.  Any info appreciated.

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Steven Zakulec

There's two options here:

You can browse to one of the places you want, save something there, and then use the pushpin on the right on the Save As screen to pin that location to the top of the list.

Or, you can bypass this list altogether by using CRTL-Shift-S to bring up the classic Windows file browser, and that should have all the folders you're looking for (unless you haven't already pinned/added the drives).

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