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Poor text editing experience


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Hi all,

I am evaluating among few PDF editors in the market now to decide which is good for me.  I have Acrobat DC Pro in main PC for 2 years but I am not going to spend that amount of money for this secondary PC.

Nitro Pro 12 is the 1st I try, but rather disappointing at the text editing function.  It just won't choose the correct font.  The file is using embedded font CIDFont+F1 to F4, Nitro uses TimesNewRomanPSMT which is totally different.  I have to manually tried until i found a matching font ArialMT, this is very annoying.  Under File>Document Properties>Font tab it lists all the embedded fonts in the file. 


However there is a notification i observe saying "The license for this font does not allow you to embed it in your file. Please try using another font."  Anyway why on earth Nitro can't automatically choose a compatible font??


I try Nuance after this, it keeps prompting unable to use the embedded font every time i click on different text, but at least it auto selects the nearest font (Arial) to use (to me it looks identical). "The original font F3 is not available or can't be used in editing.  Power PDF is using the font Arial in its place."

Next is Infix, the text editing is perfect without issue.  The embedded font is being used, all the CIDFont+F1 until F4 are listed under drop-down font list.  However F2 is remarked in red "This font does not contain all the characters required".

Although the text editing experience with Infix is good, I don't quite like the UI of Infix.  Yet to try on some others like Foxit .

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