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Daniel Devlin

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Daniel Devlin

I am new to nitro from acrobat. I do a lot of scanning and to minimize trips to the scanner, I generally scan all my documents at the same time and split them with a pdf editor. Since I do this daily I would like to get this down to a series of keystrokes. my workflow is: 

  1. Open scanned pdf.
  2. Run OCR.
  3. Open the Pages sidebar (using mouse) and then using only keystrokes:
  4. Select a single document (which is a variable number of pages)
  5. Extract pages, using delete pages after extract.
  6. Open save dialog
  7. Select location
  8. Enter filename and save
  9. Close extracted file
  10. Repeat from #3.

And I can do each step except #3 in Nitro with only the keyboard. the problem I am having is Step #3. After extracting the pages, the focus leaves the Page sidebar and I do not know how to move the focus back. which means each time I get to #10 I have to use the mouse which interrupts the flow. In acrobat the focus remained on the sidebar, so I was restarting at step 4. Is there any way to have nitro keep the focus on the side bar, or to switch the focus back manually using the keyboard?


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