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Mark-up Text - Highlighting

Gabriel Alvarez

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Gabriel Alvarez

Hi.   I'm comfortable using the Review Tab to Mark Up Text, but once in a while I encounter a problem that I cannot select and highlight any particular portion of the pdf doc..  Today, once again I just downloaded a group of PDF that I need to work with and resend with some highlights and notes.  In each of then, the App is not letting me select a word for Mark Up.  If my memory does not fail, in the past was a matter of signing in with my email.   Currently, I just don't see how to fix this glitch.  Thanks


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Steven Zakulec

Normally, if you find you can't highlight or markup text, it's because the PDF is a scan, and images can't be highlighted.

You can use the OCR option, and do Make Searchable, and that will let you let highlight and markup text then.

That's the easiest way.

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