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I am struggling to do something simple, i must be missing something

i want to place some free text, something like Typewriter in Reader (see picture)

i need to place item numbers next to the colored squares

i placed a text box but when i type the contents do not change, do i really need to open the properties to change the contents?

the size of the font seems to be limited to 18pt, i can't get it bigger than shown here,  what would be the best way to place some text next to the colored squares?

how do i insert a picture here ? i don't see a paperclip, could not paste a path to a file into URL,


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Steven Zakulec

Have you tried the Type Text tool? That should allow you to do free text- it will show guidelines to other blocks of text, but you should be able to click anywhere and insert text.

The tool is located on the Home tab.

Let me know if this doesn't work for you.

You can't really post a file here- you can post a link to something hosted elsewhere though- use the chain link icon in between the Tx and " icons.

For images, click on Insert other media, then Insert image from URL.

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