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RadioButton -> auto checkmark other fields

Dan Hoffmann

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Is this possible at all?

I want to create a form that has either drop downs or radio buttons to select a master category: Department.

Then based on that Department, I want it to auto checkmark other fields.

The goal is an EMP Setup Sheet for new hires.  The manager selects a dept and then the form auto sects certain access checkmarks for that dept.  I am assuming that if I knew the javascript for this, that I can hard code the radio button options, but I have no idea how to do that either.  I have this working in an Excel workbook, but once completed the MGR has to save as PDF>  I'd love to skip that step and do a PDF form.

BONUS: I would liket the ability to overrirde the auto checkmarks if the manager doesn't want that emp to have that access.

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