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Copy and paste parts of PDF without Snapshot?


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I am trying to edit a scanned PDF. In this case, a header is in the wrong location. I want to copy the header, white it out, then paste it and move it to where it should be. When I highlight the area with the Select Text/Graphic tool, it automatically expands to the entire page and wont let me select just this one section of the PDF. I've been using the Snapshot tool but the quality is always terrible after pasting. There has to be a better way?

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Steven Zakulec

Your other option here is to use OCR and choose Searchable & Editable.  This converts your document from a single image into something closer to a Word doc that you can edit.  It's not perfect, but you can now use the Edit tool to copy (or cut) something.

You can find this tool under the Review tab, or in the dialogue that pops up to the right when you open a scanned PDF.

For scanned documents, your document is one image per page, and many of the tools aren't able to work well with those kind of documents.

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