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Can anyone tell me how to apply 2 different fill colours to the text boxes on an interactive form to differentiate between REQUIRED fields and OPTIONAL / OTHER fields.  I can see how to add borders to the required fields but I thought that it would be possible to have 2 different fill colours such as orange / blue to make it obvious when viewing the PDF form on line and completing it on line.

The Forms Preferences box (in the File tab) should be where it is available (logically) but I am not seeing the option / two different fill fields.

Currently I am missing something or the option is simply not in Nitro Pro 11 (whereas a friend with Foxit PhantomPDF standard editor has this option).

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I have just stumbled across a workable solution - hopefully I have missed a 'better' way but I have found a way that works.

In FILE>Preferences>Forms set the HIghlight form fields to ON.  The Highlight colour is the default colour for ALL text inputtable fields (required or not) and the Required field colour is actually the 'border / edge' colour around a required field.  Set these values to what you want remembering the next set of steps:

Open the document you want to put highlighting fields into.  Go to the Forms tab and click on Text Field icon to show up all the text fields for editing.  Right click in a text field that you want as required (it should be the default fill colour with a border based on the step above) and select Properties. In the Properties pop up select Appearance and in the lower half of the pop up the Border and Fill colour should be No Fill.  Change the fill to whatever colour you want the Required Field colour to be and close / save.  The specific box now shows up with this chosen colour but is still an inputtable, required text box - it is just the fill colour which is now different to the rest of the 'default' text input fields.

I selected an 'area' of the PDF FROM that I had open, clicked in one box choosing properties>appearance and changed a fill colour - ALL the text input fields in the selection box changed to the modified fill colour so it is possible to change the fill colour of multiple boxes at once.

As I said this is a workable solution and might be the recommended way of doing it - being able to do it once in Preferences would be better but does it warrant the work involved in modifying the basic product???

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