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Can't Active Version 11 in new computer after deactive the other on-line


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8 hours ago, Outsmart said:

Hi Suport,


I can't active the version 11 license under the new installed computer by deactive the persious actived machine.

My Serial Number is 2****************4


Keith Wong


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  • Nitro-Pro 11
  • James Domnitz, cleverbridge Reference Number: 1355vwxyz
I had just replaced my computer and I'm having difficulty activating my account and need help.   My purchased license is 2346xx-yyyyyy-zzzzzz .  When attempting to activate I receive an error "-22" stating License number already used.  When on the website trying to fix this issue, it requests that I search for my license, and it states the following:
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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @jdomnitz,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

I just made an adjustment on your license, so you can now activate your copy of Nitro Pro by going to Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activate, entering your serial number and clicking Activate.

Thanks for choosing Nitro Pro and I hope this helps!

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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @jdomnitz,

Thank you for your response and patience.

If you are receiving the error 'Nitro Pro Setup Wizard has Failed' message when you attempted to install, kindly open Windows Explorer > Local C > Program Files. If you are seeing a 'WindowsApps' folder, this is an installation issue that prevented some users to install Nitro successfully. Users who purchased MS Office in Windows 10, via the Online Marketplace were affected by this due to permission issue on that specific folder.

As a workaround, please visit this article and follow the steps properly until step 7: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/failed/000003265

Once done with the steps, kindly try reinstalling using our direct installers below:

x64 http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_1108470/en/burn/nitro_pro11_ba_x64.msi
x32 http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_1108470/en/burn/nitro_pro11_ba_x86.msi

After installation, you can activate by opening Nitro Pro, clicking on the Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activation and entering your serial number.

Thanks for choosing Nitro Pro and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

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