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I am new to nitro. I want to try and use this program to prepare Working paper files for an accounting office. Instead of actually loading everything into one big PDF and adding bookmarks or inserting bookmarks in later I would rather have a sort of bookmark tree like cash, receivables, inventory , payables Etc as recurring bookmarks for each file and then drag-and-drop PDFs underneath each section like bank statement and Bank reck under  cash, receivable summary under  the receivables Etc.

Is  that possible using Nitro? 

I would like to  know also how to have this bookmark tree recurring so that I could use it for each file or each client so each client would have cash, receivables, inventory etc of the same tree all the time rather than having to recreate it.


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How long does the approval take and if there a tel no To call or support email to ask specific questions. 


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Steven Zakulec

I'm not entirely sure you can do this, at least somewhat because I'm not sure I fully understand what you want.  Nevertheless, I have some ideas for you.

You could try a PDF and use attachments to insert everything into the PDF, but that will probably lead to the jumbo PDF you didn't want.

You could try a PDF portfolio, but that also leads to having many PDFs in the same PDF, just organized as if this was a zip file.

The other option, and what I think might work for you is to have a main PDF that just links to all of the other PDFs and locations that's stored inside a folder structure somewhere.

A rough diagram of what it might look like:

-Sample folder

--Client-index.pdf (the main file, has links to all of the other folders & possibly PDFs)

---Folder 1

---PDFs for this folder

----Folder 1.5 (folder inside of folder 1 if needed)

----PDFs in this folder.


If you make a sample with all the things you think you would need (both the folders & the sample index), then you could copy & paste everything and adjust as needed.

It's a non-trivial amount of work, but once it's up and running, it's not too much extra effort to add an additional PDF or folder.



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This is sort of what I was thinking  to do via Nitro 

I would just drag & drop pdfs under each lead sheet or  heading to support Cash, receivables etc

Each file is the same so in addition  I would like to duplicate each tree for every file instead of manually putting book marks in

a bunch of pdfs .  Any ides on how to do this appreciated.  Btw, is there a tel support # to ask?


Thxs  for the help




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