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Viewing all form fields in a doc?

Bonny C.

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I created a form and deleted some fields as I was working. Now the form can't be submitted because it tells me, "One or more required fields are incomplete. Please fill in all required fields before submitting the form."

Isn't there some way I can access a LIST of all the fields the document "sees" and delete the ones I added by mistake?!?! 

For a visual of what I'm talking about, see below. If you look at the list of fields, all those Visa_## fields listed and the RadioButton1 were all deleted from the document but the document somehow still thinks they're all there! This is crazy!! I should be able to REMOVE fields I don't want in my document!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Steven Zakulec

There's two ways here:

Make sure Highlight Form Fields is on.  You can check this by going to File, Preferences, Forms, "Highlight Form Fields".

With this on, any fillable fields are marked with one of the two colors used to indicate a form field- blue for optional fields, and red for required fields (Both of those are adjustable in the same screen you were just on).

The other way is to go to the Forms tab, then use the "Select Fields" button.  Clicking on this button will show the form field name for each field on the document and will let you select any and all of them to make changes to.

I hope this helps!

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This works for fields that physically appear on the form, but not for fields that I've deleted from the *form* but somehow are still associated with the *document*. As you can see in the screen shot, in the upper left hand corner, there are FIFTEEN fields listed but only TEN used on the form. Some of those fields were created as "required" and then deleted from the form so now the form cannot be submitted because it says some required fields are missing.

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