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Is there a way to show on the pdf's in the ribbon on the left which ones have been bookmarked?  Pls advise.

It would be a nice feature so can tell whether to move the bookmark  or add one  or not. 

Can a table of contents  be generated after the bookmarks are in place?  Is there a   tab and the Table of content is  produced as first page.

 Also, if have say 20 pdf in one file on the left ribbon how do i display say 4-6 in the big main window so its easier to see the content as small to read and

 then move them around in different order and see if bookmarked to see if tagged on correct page?

Also why is there no email support unless you pay for it. Other pdf editors at least have  email support  free, However if the community helps out like it

appears to be in Nitro case , s/be ok, I guess


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