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Error -79 Activating new Nitro Pro 12 license


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Hi there

I am the IT admin of a company in Italy.  My company just purchased a new license of Nitro pro 12. I downloaded the trial version on the end user's PC and as soon as the installer was done, I started the activation procedure.

Once the license number has been typed on the appropriate fields (obviously it was the correct one, I triple-checked it), the procedure stops with an ERROR -79 specifying that because of an unidentified problem, the program was not able to complete license activation successfully."

I connected to the Nitro portal where you can check the status of your license. Mine is ACTIVATED, so that's not where the problem lies.

What can be the issue? As the company runs a proxy server to filter the internet activity (which cannot be bypassed or disabled), I thought that could be the reason of the problem. Have you ever met this sort of error?

Many thanks in advance

Marco P.




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