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Feature Request: Select Printer tray based on Paper Size



We receive a lot of complaints from users regarding Nitro's inability to automatically select the proper paper tray when printing documents.

Many print a mix of Legal and Letter documents. Currently they have to go into the printer's properties and select either Letter or Legal.

Most programs know how to communicate to the printer so that paper selection is automatic based on document size without user intervention.

I would like to see this feature in Nitro Pro, as well.

Thank you,

Jeremy Leigh

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Steven Zakulec

This is supposedly an option-  when you are on the Print screen, click on the "Page Scaling" box.  At the very bottom is an option to "Use PDF page size to select paper source".

If that is in fact what you need, you could have users toggle it as needed, or you could set it to be on by default with a registry key.

Do be careful with the registry- the change below is fine, but take the same standard precautions you would when normally changing registry values.

The key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nitro\Pro\12\Settings\Preferences\kPreferences\kPrefPrintUsePDFSize
Set the Value to: /b 1

This doesn't appear to work if you try to set it using HKLM.

Hope this helps a little!


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Thank you very much.

Can't believe I did not see that setting. But, there it was staring right at me.

I guess I just didn't expect it to be in the page scaling menu.

Thanks again.

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