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Nitro 11 printing multiple attachments some don't


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Hi there,

Using Nitro , we in our company do have to print a lot. Mainly pdf's attached to emails, even up to 10 per email. (Outlook 2016 / Exchange 2016)
unfortunately, since we upgraded fromt Nitro 7 to 11, the printing is unreliable: when we right-click and chose quick-print for each attachment, the printer prints not all the prints it should . For example, if we print 6 pdf's, only 3 or 4 will come out of the printer and often not even in the order we printed them.

We already tried Adobe Acrobat to test, that's going well but far slower, we also reinstalled Nitro. The printer driver has changed from PCL6 to PCL5 (HP M506 printer) and we tried another printer (Ricoh MPC2051). It doesn't matter, the same problem occurs.

Is this a known issue and/or has anybody a resolution? It will be much appreciated ;- )



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