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Append function not working

Bernie Paul

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This morning I attempted to append a web page printout to an existing pdf file which was created earlier in the morning.  The file which was being appended was not open at the time.  

Here are the steps I followed.

  1. I have a file named Doc1 which I want to append additional info to.  Doc1 is closed
  2. I am using Google Chrome to view an online receipt for a purchase I made.  I begin the process to print the web page in Chrome and select Nitro PDF as my printer.
  3. I am prompted to browse to the location where I want to save the pdf file.
  4. I browse to the folder where Doc1 is located.  I select Doc1 and a dialog box comes up asking if I want to append or overwrite.  I select append.
  5. Nitro pdf appears to run through its print/conversion process and automatically opens up Doc 1.
  6. Doc 1 is not appended with the new info, and remains the same.  If I check Doc1 file properties in Windows File Explorer, the modification date/time is the same as the original date/time - ie it does not show the time in which I attempted to append.

Anybody have any ideas of what is going wrong.  Up until today, the append function worked completely fine - I had no troubles with it at all.

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Steven Zakulec

I noticed this with a 1 page scanned PDF I had- trying to append a web page printout using the Nitro PDF 12 printer would seemingly work, but then not actually make a change to the file.

All of my other files seemed to work correctly when I tried printing & appending to them.  I've filed a bug on it- if you can, I encourage you to do so with any other details or sample files you have.

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Unfortunately I don't have a support agreement.

My error is not associated with appending a file that was originally scanned.  The file I want to append to was created in Nitro pdf from an email message where I right click on the email and use the "Create PDF from email" command.  I want to append to it a web page which I would convert to pdf and append to the original pdf using the Nitro pdf printer.

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