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Nitro 11 can't open embedded pdfs in IE11


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I have three users running Nitro 11 who cannot open embedded PDFs using the nitro plugin for IE11. I have tried to repair the installations and reinstall the applications but nothing is working. The IE11 plugin for Nitro is enabled. Any ideas?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @RileyB_SMS,

Are you able to open them via a different web browser? Are they opening fine in Nitro Pro 11 itself?

There might be a problem with the IE, or it might be an unsupported file. You can send me a direct message with the file so I can check.


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They open in chrome but chrome uses its own PDF handler. If I use chrome I can download the file and open it in Nitro but that doesn't work for our environment. The PDF is embedded so I wont be able to send you the file.

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