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Bookmarks to be highlighted or tagged


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I asked this before and wondering if this is possible or in the works

Is there a way to show on the pdf's in the ribbon on the left which ones have been bookmarked? Pls advise. It would be a nice feature so can tell whether which pdfs have been bookmarked  or where the
bookmarks are placed.  Only way now to see where the bookmarks are is to a) go to bookmark ribbon then 2) click on bookmarks to see where and what page is marked.  It Would be nice to
just to see from the window pane on left or on the main window when viewing the pdfs which ones are book marked by a tag mark.
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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Eagan,

Thanks for reaching out!

At the moment, there is no other option to show which ones are bookmarked. We encourage you can to share this idea (and other ideas that you might have) in our other page "Product Improvements" as a feature request.



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